Friday, June 23, 2006

ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA (and I'll be there!)

I’m going to the Wiltern Theater tonight to see Zappa Plays Zappa, in which son Dweezil assembles a band to pay tribute to the musical legacy of his brilliant father, Frank. In case there’s a ticket or two left and you’re a Zappa fan who’s let an awful lot of years pass since last hearing his music live, here’s an article from Thursday’s Los Angeles Times that will tell you everything you need to know about Dweezil’s methods and motivations, and a review from last week’s New York Times of the actual show.

And if you can’t go, but all this Zappa talk has got you wanting to hear a little “Cosmic Debris,” just press play:

And here’s Frank Zappa on CNN’s Crossfire I would have voted for Frank Zappa for president.

TLRHB, I’ll be thinking of you and our porevious close calls with FZ tonight. And I’ll definitely let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

This band is insanely great. I saw them in Oslo on May 18th, and I'm still getting flashbacks several times a day. Wish I was rich, so I could follow them around.

The 'Stache said...

Dennis, to paraphrase what you said to me a few posts back, the sound you hear is one of burning envy. Enjoy! That Dweezil can play guitar. Of course, he learned from a master.

And, as I've said to you privately, your blog and its civil, encouraging, enthusiastic tone has been a model for me. Thanks again for all the kind words and thoughts. I can only echo what you say in your other post about David Hudson and Green Cine, Jim Emerson, Girish, Aaron Graham, Andy Horbal — and I'll throw in other sites such as The Brow, The Siren, Matt, Filmbrain, Flickhead, Ed Copeland and others I'm sure I'm forgetting right this minute. What a community of passionate film enthusiasts. It's been nothing but a surprise and a delight to discover you, to be welcomed by you — and especially to learn from all of you. That's been the really fun part, to expand knowledge of film and rekindle that enthusiasm.

OK, that's it for the group hug today. Have fun tonight, Dennis!

Anonymous said...

Dennis, the show should be great. I'm not too familiar with Frank Zappa's music, but Dweezil is a very good guitar player (on his own albums, he's a bit of an Eddie Van Halen clone, but he's still really good). I noticed from the LA Times article you linked to that the touring band also includes Steve Vai -- that essentially makes 'em a serious six-string powerhouse. And Terry Bozio's a great drummer.

Enjoy the show, and I look forward to reading about it if you decide to post something later.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Michael-- It was the presence of Steve Vai that, in fact, sold me on this show when I first heard about it. I've always appreciated his contributions to Zappa's music in the early '80s and thought that the only way I'd ever see him live would be in a situation like this. Of course, I never thought such a situation would come along, but it has! And you're right about Dweezil too, but I like his seriousness of purpose here, as if he understands the weight of his dad's legacy and is determined to grant it the repsect and exposure it deserves without sacrificing the man's humor at the same time. I'd love to write about the show and hope I'll have time to cobble soemthing together this weekend, while I'm still floating over "San Ber'dino"!

Anonymous said...

"as if he understands the weight of his dad's legacy and is determined to grant it the repsect and exposure it deserves"

Yes, that is the crucial thing -- and my sense from the Times piece is that Dweezil does indeed have a good sense of this. Enjoy the show!

Anonymous said...

Dennis, wish I were there! I would bring my guy, a quiet guy who transforms into a total chatterbox whenever Zappa comes up. His eyes flash and he gestures wildly if the conversation turns to Steve Vai. I'm learning. Can't wait to read all about the show!