Thursday, June 22, 2006


After a hard work week, I think we all deserve a little down time. I decided to spend a little of mine bringing to you what will hopefully be a continuing series, taking the corner of a page by my friend Tom Sutpen, with not a molecule's worth of his inspiration, but with an eye toward the faces, in movies and wherever I might find them, that always find fascination with me. Here then are some faces I love.

Shu Qi

Richard "Uncle Monty" Griffiths

Anna Karina

Sally Gray (see her in Green for Danger) and Robert Newton (see him in Oliver Twist and Treasure Island)

Dave Thomas

M. Emmet Walsh

Annie Potts

Whose face do you love?


Louis said...

Dave Thomas is an inspired choice. And I don't know who Shu Qi is but . . . wow.

Anonymous said...

Rosalind Russell, particularly in "The Women".

Anonymous said...

Fred Ward. Bogart-ugly and sublimely beautiful. It's a marvelous canvas of hurt and shame. But when the anger flashes up through those meaty crannies in that face, the effect is geologic, like fire under broken rock. I especially love Fred's face because it gives the camera a prolonged opportunity to magnify so many minute actions, so much restless appetite in his characters. Where the beauty in "perfect" faces seems to be in their willingness to play dead and approximate pure stillness, the attraction of Fred's face for me is its rude, unstoppable vitality. A dynamo, turned on and humming.