Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My thanks to regular reader Robert Hubbard for pointing me in the direction of what promises to be an addictive site just to pore through, let alone download from-- ScoreBaby, described by its proprietor, one ScoreBaby, as “Your guide to cult soundtracks of the ‘60s, ‘70s and beyond!” If the sight of the covers of old LPs of the soundtracks from TV’s The Green Hornet, or Bruno Nicolai’s score for a minor spaghetti western called El Cisco, or Lalo Schifrin’s score for the forgotten horror thriller Abominable, get your pulse racing, prepare to spend a lot of time poring over ScoreBaby’s extensive collection, all with MP3 excerpts you can listen to right there on the page. And if that’s not enough, ScoreBaby has just inaugurated his very own blog, Score Baby Annex, which may be even more frightening and delightful than the main Web page. Here’s ScoreBaby on his latest project:

“Welcome to the ScoreBaby Annex. Six years ago I started, a review site devoted to cult soundtracks of the '50s, '60s and '70s, along with library music and soundtrack-influenced electronica, hip-hop and indie. The ScoreBaby Annex will be home to out of print soundtrack and library files for your listening pleasure. If any of these titles are, in fact, commercially available, please contact me and I will remove them from this blog immediately. Thank you.”

Not commercially available are these downloadables. Yikes! I can’t wait to start digging trough this good stuff. Right there on the main page are enough delights to blow you through a case of CD-Rs in a weekend. Thanks, Robert, for tipping me, and all SLIFR readers, toward ScoreBaby (both links are now available on my sidebar as well). This could be the final nail in the rickety coffin of my dwindling spare time.

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Anonymous said...

I actually found SCOREBABY a while back and although it's very informative, there aren't that many titles or clips to download. And the ones that are there are only 30 second or 60 second edits of the score. I was hoping it would offer more. Aside from that it's a cool site. Also, one of my all time favorite film scores it Logan's Run. I can remember sitting in the Cinerama Dome watching this film and being engulfed in this beautifully exciting score in glorious Todd AO 6 track stereo. Ah, those memories!