Sunday, August 09, 2009


Here’s the rotating schedule for Turner Classic Movies’ Sunday night Classic Movies Under the Stars series. If you’re in Atlanta and the surrounding area, you’ve got one shot at each film (beginning with Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief tonight), but if you’re in Southern California and can motor around a bit, you’ve got three separate chances to see all four movies, in between the San Diego, Riverside and Montclair locations. August is typically a pretty busy month for me, but I’m really going to try to see at least two programs—I ran into Jeff Thurman, the manager at the Mission Tiki Drive-in, last night and he assures me that the print running tonight (and presumably the print will be the same one at the Rubidoux and South Bay Drive-ins) is a beauty. I also suspect/hope that, with the muscle of TCM behind this promotion, each print will be newly struck and tailored for maximum brightness and clarity to heighten the drive-in experience. Once again, many thanks to Jeff, Teri Oldknow and Frank Huttinger of DeAnza Corporation (owner/operators of the four drive-ins involved in the series) as well as the good folks behind cable television’s best ongoing film school, Turner Classic Movies, for providing viewers in California and Georgia the unique opportunity to enjoy these wonderful classic movies in an atmosphere completely different from the art houses and home theaters in which they are most often screened.

Bonnie and Clyde
August 9: Mission Tiki Drive-in
August 16: Rubidoux Drive-in
August 23: Starlight Drive-in
August 30: South Bay Drive-in

August 9: South Bay Drive-in
August 16: Mission Tiki Drive-in
August 23: Rubidoux Drive-in
August 30: Starlight Drive-in

Viva Las Vegas
August 9: Starlight Drive-in
August 16: South Bay Drive-in
August 24: Mission Tiki Drive-in
August 30: Rubidoux Drive-in

To Catch a Thief
August 9: Rubidoux Drive-in
August 16: Starlight Drive-in
August 23: South Bay Drive-in
August 30: Mission Tiki Drive-in



blaaagh said...

Whoa--so, please confirm for me, out in the wilds of Lane County, Oregon, that these drive-ins are running the same films as TCM is each Sunday night. Of course, it will only make me envious as hell, but still...I guess I can watch them on TV and imagine sitting at the drive-in watching them.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

No, the TCM Sunday night schedule is separate-- that really would be manna from heaven, at a drive-in or anywhere else. TCM is doing "Summer With the Stars" this August, in which each day is devoted to a single movie star (Aug. 9 was Cary Grant, Aug. 10 was Dirk Bogarde).

But I still would like to think you're imagining, from your own little slice of heaven, watching the movies at the drive-in each Sunday night. With me, of course!

(I might actually get to see Lolita and Viva Las Vegas! I'll let you know. And I kinda wish they'd have done North by Northwest, but...)

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