Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For whatever reason, I’m feeling a little worn, a little frayed at the edges this week. It’s been a busy summer, and there’s still plenty left to do on all fronts. But after an upcoming final post on the past weekend with Dante’s Inferno, I’m probably going to take a few days off. These projected breaks often get interrupted by urgency or restlessness or even inspiration, and I sometimes find myself posting something only a few hours after having made my official sayonara. If that happens again this time, so be it. But for now, I feel like kicking my feet up and taking stock for a few days. If activity around here seems a little lighter than usual, that’s the reason. In the meantime, another edition of Faces I Love, a moment to reflect on some of my favorite countenances, gathered floating off the top of my head, so any connective tissue you can detect will definitely tell you where my brain is at this week. Some of these people have made appearances in here before, and some make their debut, but all bring me a little bit of joy whenever I see their mugs-- some beautiful, some not, all fascinating-- joy stirred up for what’s on the surface and for what they lead me to consider and think about beyond the surface. I hope they work for you in the same way.


Rose Byrne

John Cazale

Sacha Baron Cohen

Billy De Wolfe

Phyllis Diller

Barbara Feldon

Paul Freeman

Daniela Giordano

Paulette Goddard

Gale Gordon

Torii Hunter

Meiko Kaji

Sandy Koufax

Jordan Ladd

Al Lettieri

Roger Livesey

Lee Marvin

Haviland Morris

Annette O’Toole

Eugene Pallette

Nolan Ryan

Joe Torre

Pete Townshend

Bob Uecker



Mr. Peel said...

Seeing Haviland Morris in here put a smile on my face. Not that some of these other photos aren't terrific, but come on! It's Haviland Morris!!

Dennis Cozzalio said...

A terrific and versatile character actress, no doubt, Ms. Morris...

but she'll always be Marla Bloodstone to me!

Robert Fiore said...

Re Annette O'Toole: I like to imagine Michael McKean taking a time machine to tell his teenage self, "Get this – when you grow up you get to marry the actress who plays Superman's mother!", and his teenage self is wondering why his grown up self is so excited about this. The actress who played Superman's mother used to be a much frumpier proposition. While of course I deeply resent anyone who gets Annette O'Toole, this does show how reality can improve on movies – that one where she plays Oliver North's wife was definitely sending the wrong message to America.

bill r. said...

Have you really not gotten around to putting Lee Marvin in this series yet? Crazy.

And put me down twice for Annette O'Toole.

Greg said...

"Just a bit outside."

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Uecker's hall of fame speech from a few years ago was hilarious. I can't believe no one has uploaded it on YouTube or somewhere else.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Bill, I sat a few seats away from Annette O'Toole (and Michael McKean and Christopher Guest) at a concert five or six years ago. It seemed awfully warm in that auditorium to me, and there's little doubt why...!

blaaagh said...

This might be my favorite selection of faces in the series so far! Yes, Annette O'Toole is always a welcome sight, and has long been one, for me, too...and Barbara Feldon, etc., etc. This was an interestingly basebally edition, too.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Blaaagh: Having just seen Smile again, Annette O'Toole was much on my mind. I think she was beautiful in 1975, but has since developed into a real classic beauty, one of the great ones of the movies, I think.

And I love Bob Uecker. But that picture of Joe Torre is absolutely great, and such a perfect bit of graphic continuity with the one of Pete Townshend, only by pure luck of alphabetizing.

I'm glad you seem to have liked these as much as I do.

bill r. said...

Dennis - This is what a tool I am. As much as I love O'Toole (and I love her very, very much), if I'd had your seat at that concert, I wouldn't be able to focus on her due to the presence of McKean and Guest.

Are my priorities skewed?

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Not at all, Bill! Actually, that's why I emphasized who she was with, because I had a feeling that might raise one or two of your eyebrows!

The Siren said...

Al Lettieri scares me just looking at him. Not a face I love, more a face I dread.

But ah, Paulette! So, so, so pretty. Charlie Chaplin's oldest son said it was a face he loved on sight.

Doug said...

What was the concert??

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Givemeanunusedname said...

Dennis, if you are a fan of Daniela Giordano