Friday, June 28, 2013


We made it. A whole week without new shots of Trailers from Hell has been endured and survived, and now only the weekend needs to be navigated before the curtains rises on Trailers from Hell version 2.0 Monday, July 1. But there's still one more day of the Trivia from Hell Contest standing in the way, and it's the toughest of the five-- which is why it has been dubbed the "Beyond the Pale" edition. (Also, after churning your brain on these posers, you'll be beyond pale... but that's another story.)

Just like the other four days, send in your responses to and be sure to include the phrase "Trailers from Hell Beyond the Pale" in your e-mail header. And since these questions are extra chewy, we'll give you through Saturday to send in your answers before we collect the week's worth of e-mails together and start figuring out who gets the win. And speaking of win, whoever does emerge victorious on this day's group of questions will take home two DVDS, the Trailers from Hell Vol. 2 collection and the splashy DVD version of The Howling, both discs signed by the estimable auteur himself, Joe Dante. Nice.

Let's get to it, shall we?


1) Gert Frobe and Ursula Andress shared a similar fate when co-starring with Sean Connery.

2) Silence is golden in this low budget horror film narrated by Jerry Lewis' former associate.

3) Julius Kelp and Walter Scharf must of been a fan of this ghost story. Why?

4) He commandeered two of the most famous ships in history and they both sank: one in the Atlantic Ocean and the other in Crete.

5) He talks through the entire picture yet when we see him, he doesn't make a sound.

***************************************** is the destination for your picks. Send 'em on in, and let's all get ready to find out what Trailers from Hell Version 2.0 has in store for us on Monday! Thanks for playing!


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