Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Day Two of the Trivia from Hell Contest already, which means we're one day closer to the unveiling on July 1 of the spiffy new-and-improved version 2.0 Trailers from Hell Web site. To make the time pass even more quickly and get geared up for that unveiling, here are five more questions in the contest, the slightly more head-scratching Medium Cool Edition. Of course you can look for contest updates and more information on Twitter and Facebook throughout the week. And remember, the person who emerges triumphant from today's round will take home a copy of the Trailers from Hell Vol. 2 DVD!

All you have to do now is take a look at the five questions below, invoke the influence of your muse and then submit your answers to powser2@earthlink.net.  Please use the phrase "Trivia from Hell Medium Cool" in the subject header of your e-mail so Your Humble Contest Wrangler (that's me) won't get confused. At the end of the week the correct answers will be tallied and today's winner, along with all the others, will be announced after the new Trailers from Hell site makes its premiere. 

Without any further fidgeting, here be today's Medium Cool queries:


1) This chandelier swinger was at his best when he was in the pink.
2) He designed Vincent Price's favorite house on Haunted Hill.
3) His most controversial part was in a movie-mad psycho-drama far more terrifying than his Grimm future role.
4) Shakespeare could have sued the makers of this fifties space opera.
5) Bette Davis' bloody victim and patriarch of the first acting family to be simultaneously honored on Hollywood Blvd.
There you have 'em. Time to submit the answers to powser2@earthlink.net and find out what spare body parts you're made of. Good luck!

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