Thursday, June 27, 2013


Zeroing in on the unveiling of Trailers from Hell Version 2.0, we find ourselves also zeroing in on the climax of the Trivia from Hell Contest, and today is when things start to get truly hellish. If you thought things were tough before, now we're really going to see who deserves hellish honors and who will just end up in the Ninth Circle. If you can survive today's Headsplitting Edition and come up with five correct answers, you'll not only win the Volume Two Trailers from Hell DVD but also a DVD copy of Joe Dante's classic horror comedy Gremlins!

Here are your head-splitting Thursday posers:


1) He was Hitchcock's grisly gardener who turned over a new leaf and went to law school.

2) This glamorous Gale auditioned to scare Miss Gale.

3) These siblings shared the same crime-busting role and ended their careers dubbing animals for Disney.

4) This actor was equally at home in Macy's department store and anthills.

5) This Russ Meyer regular wrote the theme song for his menacing offspring's kiddie flick.


So sharpen up your pitchforks and submit your answers to as soon as possible.  And when you do, don't forget to include the phrase "Trailers from Hell Head-Splitting" in the subject header of your e-mail so Your Humble Trailers from Hell Taskmaster doesn't get confused and incinerate the answers out of pure devilish frustration.

And don't forget-- Friday brings the culmination of our trivial festivities, the ultimate in movie trivia masterpieces, the Beyond the Pale Edition! 


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