Friday, August 29, 2008


The 2008 Telluride Film Festival gets under way this weekend, and how I would love to be there. I have yet to attend any film festival other than The Lone Pine Film Festival which, while not without its unique and irreplaceable charms, didn’t really satisfy my jones to one day make my way to one of the late summer-fall classics like the Venice Film Festival, or the Toronto, or the New York, or the Telluride, or the Fantastic Fest, which sounds like way too much fun. (It's the geek Telluride, I hear tell.)

So I will rely, as usual, on detailed and envy-inspiring reports from Jim Emerson, who always makes Toronto sound like heaven on earth seasoned with just a touch of madness, and all the other wonderful sources available that make these festivals, ever just out of my grasp, seem vivid and familiar and vicariously pleasurable. In that spirit, I just couldn’t resist posting this wacky Telluride widget which, as of today, features the entire festival schedule and other stuff to make me AND you wish we were breathing the mountain air and feting David Fincher with the lucky cinephiles, suits and celebrities who just may take being there for granted.

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Thanks for the plug, Dennis.