Saturday, August 02, 2008


Now that I’ve gotten my own feet wet with this whole audio thing, I’d like to take the opportunity to point the iPod toward one of my growing addictions, Movie Geeks United, podcasting twice weekly on Blog Talk Radio, hosted by Jamey and Jerry and my pal Aaron Aradillas. It’s a great interview/talk show that takes movies seriously but isn’t a slog to sit through, largely because of the good humor of the hosts and the excellent rosters of guests they’ve been able to line up, including critics David Edelstein, Keith Uhlich and Glenn Kenny, actor Judge Reinhold, X-Files creator Chris Carter and talk show host turned filmmaker Phil Donahue. The shows are frequently united around a theme, like recent podcasts on Sidney Lumet, the Dirty Harry phenomenon, a Dark Knight critical roundtable, with a frequent focus on the independent film scene as well. You can click right here and sync up with one of the best film podcasts in the atmosphere.

But that’s not all, folks. Aaron has another ace up his sleeve, a new podcast devoted to home theater and entertainment entitled Back By Midnight, and how’s this for an inaugural outing—a roundtable with Glenn Kenny and Douglas Pratt and then an interview with John Badham on the 25th anniversary of WarGames. These are the kind of finds that you treasure and may want to keep for yourself, kind of like a great restaurant that nobody else knows about. But by all means, storm the gates of Movie Geeks United and Back by Midnight and discover an addictive film forum that will make you want to forget being selfish and spread the word.

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