Monday, August 11, 2008


There's no difficulty conjuring your face, Charlie, but this song brought you back to me even more vividly when I began to see you again, as I always do during the heavy sighs of August.

“I know, I know/Why must it be so?/Why ask for the moon?” – Ronnie Lane, “Done This One Before”

“I wish that I knew what I know now/When I was younger/I wish that I knew what I know now/When I was stronger” – Ronnie Lane, Ron Wood, “Ooh La La”


What a joy it would have been to have seen these with you...

"I should have set before thine eyes
The road to heaven, and showed it clear;
But thou untaught springest to the skies,
And leavest thy teacher lingering here."

-- Daniel Webster


bill said...

Dennis, that Webster quote gave me chills. I wish I had something more to say, but we all love ya, and my thoughts are with you and your family today.

Happy birthday, Charlie.

Anonymous said...

You and Charlie are in my thoughts today. Charlie got the best dad in the world my friend!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Charlie with us. From what you said in earlier posts, it is clear he never knew a moment without love. Here's to happier days for you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you guys with love. What a sweet tribute. Take care, Dennis.