Friday, December 01, 2006


With that bit of self-deprecating humor out of the way, let it be said that I’m happy to be “one of those guys” and damned excited by what a lot of those other guys are doing writing about film on the Internet. And now it’s time to spotlight and celebrate some of the reasons why. The Film Criticism Blog-a-Thon is now underway at Andy Horbal’s No More Marriages blog, and it will be doing just that all weekend long. Andy’s is a site devoted largely to the discussion of film criticism-- where’s it’s been, where it’s headed—and is always a fascinating read. But never more so, perhaps, than this weekend, when Andy will be providing lots of links to lots of great reading on the subject, from professional writers as well as those of us who just have a passion for writing and thinking about the art of the movies. Andy also promises to personally add his comments to the guaranteed load of comments that will undoubtedly follow each posted contribution. My own participation will be part of The House Next Door’s contribution, though I intend to post it here as well (perhaps in a slightly expanded version) after Matt has premiered his own post, which he seems very excited about. But for now, click on the links above to find an ever-increasing list of excellent musings on a subject of importance not only to those who write it (or at least try to), but also to those who cherish its long history and worry over its future as readers. Thanks, Andy, for such an ambitious and already rewarding blog-a-thon.

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andyhorbal said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dennis! I'm quite pleased with the way things are going thus far, and I can't wait to see what the curtain will rise upon tomorrow at the House Next Door!

I love that comic, too...