Saturday, December 23, 2006


"Nature has written a letter of credit upon some men's faces that is honored wherever presented. You cannot help trusting such men. Their very presence gives confidence. There is "promise to pay" in their faces which gives confidence and you prefer it to another man's endorsement. Character is credit." - William Thackeray

Ray Winstone

Werner Herzog

Thomas Mitchell

Takashi Shimura

Duke Snider

Michel Serrault

Rouben Mamoulian

Rodney Brooks

Randy Johnson

Neil Young

Donald Moffat

Robert Mitchum

Louis Prima

Fritz Lang

Jesse White

Frank Zappa

John Colicos

Bob Odenkirk (with little friend)

Bill Paterson

Bertrand Blier

Lino Ventura

Pedro Almodovar

Vin Scully

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Thom McGregor said...

Mostly lovely women. Almost exclusively grizzled men. Yes, you're a man's man.