Sunday, December 31, 2006

...and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(Image courtesy of (stolen from) Filmbrain and Francis Ford Coppola. Thank you both, gentlemen.)

Well, I hope a holiday week with only a stunning picture of Gloria Grahame and 40 or so other lovely and/or interesting faces wasn't too unpleasant! I didn't actually intend to take a full week off from SLIFR, but it kind of turned out that way, I guess. Work did its hardy best to intervene, as did the spirit and fun of the season-- we took our girls to the seaside chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes where the Mrs. and I were married for Christmas Eve services; I'm trying to teach my oldest daughter how to ride the new bike she got on Christmas morning; and I spent a good portion of this past weekend desperately trying to catch up on as many year-end releases and other likely list-makers as I could, with pretty happy results (my last Friday night of 2006 was whiled away here.

Right now it's very early Sunday morning-- I got up and came into the office so I could work on my ten-best list, but as it's already 7:00 a.m. and I'm just starting, it really seems unlikely that I'll actually have anything posted until tomorrow. In that event, I didn't want the actual end of the year to pass without officially wishing everyone who stumbles across this page today and tomorrow-- the regulars, the lurkers and the first-timers-- all the best of everything in the new year. I have reason to believe/hope that 2007 will be a year that brings at least the start of tremendous positive change for me and for my family, and I hope for nothing less than that for all of you-- a brisk new breeze blowing in the right direction, if you need it; continued prosperity, if you have it; new challenges to brighten and enhance our lives and the lives of everyone around us; and maybe even a slate of great new movies, along with the chance to actually see them. (Here's to better distribution and more free time! Clink!)

Next up: My Best Films of the Year, and Then Some...


Joe Baker said...

Best wishes to you as well, Dennis! Your site has been one of the many pleasures I've discovered since branching into the blog-o-verse.

Beege said...

I ended up accidentally taking nearly a month off of my blog. Oops.

Happy New Year to you, my friend! One of our dear friends is a cinefile (in a strictly Entertainment Weekly/People magazine sort of way). I'll forward you his 10 best of 2007.

TAS said...


A big 'Happy New Year' to one of my favorite blogs and one o' my favorite bloggers.

Endless, heartfelt salutes to both!

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Anonymous said...

Bless you, Dennis, and that brisk new breeze. You are such an inspiration. Happy New Year to you and your girls, and please thank your eldest daughter for sharing her 2006 film reviews!