Saturday, June 25, 2005


Finally, just a quick note to pass along courtesy of my friend Katie, who tells me of an outdoor screening of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure courtesy of Cinespia in the heart of Hollywood next Saturday night. Sounds like a lot of fun. But will Amazing Larry be there?


Well, looks like I’ll be having some fun entertaining my nephew Evan from out of town next week. Evan carries on the newly formed tradition in my family of being an unapologetic movie freak when all around you are either callously indifferent or not quite as freaky as you (I like to think I started this tradition). Anyway, we’ll be taking in as many films as we can pack in over the next week, including his first experience at a drive-in (the Vineland in the City of Industry, the only ozoner left in Los Angeles proper), and I’ll be attempting to work at least a 40-hour week on top of all that, so I may not have much left in me for blogging next week. I’m not saying I’ll be absent, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be less prolific than usual. I’ll try to keep abreast and at least post some comments, if not any new articles, and then when I come back I’ll let you know what Evan and I ended up seeing. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You have certainly given us enough with this prolific post. This is enough for M.A.B to have reading material for all of his can time in the near distant future.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the movies this week, Dennis! If your nephew's still in town next weekend, consider adding PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE to your movie freak cinema spree!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis, I watched Yojimbo. It was amazing! I am glad that Kagemusha didn't make me lose the faith. Maybe it was just that it was shorter, but I thought it was a lot better than 7 Samurai. The plot, the dialogue, the acting and the direction... can't do much better than that.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if any of you read Maddox, but this is a pretty funny review of Star Wars (note: might offend the sensitive, if you don't like swearing and a generally mean spirted perspective... why are you on the internet?) He points out a couple of plot holes I didn't notice and a couple I am sure most people noticed.

Anonymous said...

Callouslly indifferent, freaky??! Are you talking about me again Dennis?

Met your brother in law last night and got your email and blog from Angie through him.

I trust you'll remember me, your favorite class clown from oh so many years ago. Hope you and yours are well.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed I didn't post the link:

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Benaiah: Thanks! I was wondering about that!

Freddie baby! You, callously indifferent? Nah! I was thinking mostly about my family! You were neither callous nor indifferent, as far as I remember, though I wouldn't bet against you having some calluses! Good to hear from you! How did you and my brother-in-law hook up?

All: The week is coming to a close and I've seen more movies in the space of five days than at any time since college, I'd bet. And my nephew crammed in about nine more on top of that on DVD while I was working. I used to think I was hard-core at that age, but I will now gladly hand my pinball crown to him... to him... to himmmmmmm! More coming in the next couple of days!