Thursday, June 09, 2005


The world looks mysterious and wonderful on an overcast, yet not entirely moonless night, at the 99W...

Calling Joe Bob Briggs!

The opening of this drive-in in Columbus, Ohio, looks to give new meaning to the term "passion pit." (Be sure to click on the "complete summer 2005 schedule.")

Thanks, but I'll stick with my memories of Hammer horror double features at the Circle JM Drive-in in Lakeview, Oregon, and the ever-present possibility of making it back up to Newberg, Oregon to visit the good folks at the 99 West Drive-in.


Anonymous said...

Wow--crazy! I just lost track of time, looking at the Newberg drive-in's web site. I love the Frequently Asked Questions--and the old photos from earlier drive-in days. Now let's see, when can I schedule a trip up there?? As for the Christian drive-in in Columbus, sheesh...just another reason not to go to Ohio. Thanks for a great distraction from my humdrum workday!

Thom McGregor said...

What a beautiful picture. I don't think I could concentrate on the movie, unless, of course, it was "Point Break."