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(Photo by Adam Rose)

I found that great photo when I was paging through the TCM Classic Film Festival Web site during my post-fest cool-down period last week-- that's me and my best pal Bruce silhouetted against the deep blue of the Roosevelt Hotel pool, watching Illeana Douglas interview Richard Roundtree before the screening of Earthquake on Saturday night-- and decided to post a few of my own photo highlights of this year's festival. You can read my "Fear of the Velvet Curtain" piece over at Trailers from Hell to get a better idea of what was going on around the edges of some of these photos.

Here's Bruce as we arrive at the Roosevelt on Thursday afternoon, ready to go.

Press credential obtained! Now we're really ready.

Film Forum programmer and Rialto Pictures exec Bruce Goldstein presides over the "So You Think You Know Movies" trivia contest at Club TCM.

On the wall at Club TCM.

The Roosevelt Hotel lobby, where much swag could be bought, drinks could be quaffed and many an interesting sight could be seen.

One of the stalwarts hoping to get in once all the pass-holders have been admitted.

Where our line begins for the first movie of the festival.

Though it may not look like it, we were rarin' to go at 10:15 for The Sea Hawk.

TCM programming exec Scott McGee interviews Errol Flynn's daughter, Rory Flynn.

First movie on Friday! A festival highlight!
Bruce meets Richard Harland Smith at the Reign of Terror screening.

Each year TCMFF employs hundreds of volunteers, most of them very friendly, some of them not so much, and some who seem like they're in a little over their head. But this woman I just had to get a picture with. She was extremely enthusiastic without seeming crazy, she was very helpful and she really seemed like she was enjoying herself. A real standout who made our festival experience just that much more enjoyable.

The "I Heart Movies" booth in the lobby of the Chinese multiplex, where you could give two-minute video testimonials to the origins of your love for the movies. Bruce did it twice. We had thought about doing one together, but never got around to it.

Illeana Douglas followed us throughout the festival. We'd just seen her being attacked by The Tingler during Bruce Goldstein's quiz. Now here she is introducing... something. Was it Don't Bet on Women?

Up early the next day, the girls drop us off in our line to see 42nd Street.

Seated for Busby Berkeley and Ruby Keeler, we look like we're holding up okay. But this day will be a long one.

Leonard Maltin, who also introduced our screening of Chimes at Midnight, does the same before John Ford's 1932 Air Mail starring Ralph Bellamy, Gloria Stuart and Pat O'Brien.

Phoning in the festival experience.

Sandwich break before hitting the line for entrance to the pool party!
What a set-up!

Energized by Earthquake, we're first in line for the midnight movie, Tom Schiller's Nothing Lasts Forever.

Helping us celebrate our #1 and #2 midnight status is TCM Underground programmer and all-around charmer, Millie De Chirico.

Nothing Lasts Forever star Zach Galligan pulls his director, Tom Schiller, out of the shadows before the film starts.
And the two of them hung around until 2:00 a.m. and still had the patience to pose with us. "The movie has been shelved for 30 years," Galligan said. "We can take the time to talk and take pictures!"

Edgar Wright speaking before Psycho, quite an experience in the cavernous TCL Chinese Theater.

Richard and I get our selfies on before Psycho and saying good-bye to TCMFF 2015.

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