Saturday, April 04, 2015



Now playing at Trailers from Hell, an all-new Fear of the Velvet Curtain column in which I wrap up my TCM Classic Film Festival coverage with some anecdotes and notes along the periphery of the actual movie-watching. It's called TCMFF Short Ends and it goes a little something like this:

Friday, March 27

There were a couple of women seated behind us during The Invisible Man who were in full Tom Servo/Crow T. Robot mode at first. Usually you don’t get this sort of nonsense with crowds here, but they annoyed enough people to get shushed pretty early. And the movie is so great, so absorbing that it finally defeated their instinct to laugh at absolutely everything. Yet another highlight. It’s thrilling to see it like this again. And it marks the second TCMFF 2015 appearance of Una O’Connor and Claude Rains, who both tore it up in The Sea Hawk last night. (Does Claude Rains’ involvement here count as an appearance though?)

Saturday, March 28

Keep seeing Edgar Wright motoring through the Hollywood & Highland complex. Did I ever pay him back that $20 I borrowed?

Find out the answer to that question, and perhaps come up with many more, in this week's  Fear of the Velvet Curtain!


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