Wednesday, September 26, 2012


"It's still the same old story / A fight for love and glory / A case of do or die..."

Once again, I have to apologize for the delay in the posting of my continuing conversation with Simon Abrams and the "Piggy Piggy" episode of American Horror Story. It's a familiar refrain, all right, but it remains true that demands on my schedule in the world of paying work-- that is, the effort to keep a roof over my family's head, food in their stomachs and clothes on their backs-- are making it extremely difficult this week, more so than usual even, to maintain my prescribed writing goals. I'm trying not to moan too much about it, just put my head down and get the obligatory stuff done with so I can spend some time here. But I want to keep those of you who are interested in following this discussion, and anything else I find time to write about here at SLIFR during this taxing year, abreast of the situation and let you know that the project has not been abandoned or anything silly like that.

I remember back in the first three or four years of this blog how it was no big deal to stay up until 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a.m. if necessary to get things written up and posted. My output then was far more prolific, and lots of people wondered how I managed to do it and maintain a waking, working schedule on top of that. (I was even going to school for two years in there somewhere.) Well, staying up all night was a big part of how I did it, and at 52 years of age, let's jut say that I'm much more of a morning person now than I ever used to be. I have not lessened my commitment to this blog-- I have several pieces in the hopper, awaiting the opportunity to be polished, as well as a new quiz that is near ready to go. (Remember the SLIFR quizzes? You know, the ones I haven't answered myself in a year or so?) It's easy to get swept up in a perhaps misapplied sense of guilt, of obligation regarding posting regularly, and I certainly have allowed that to happen with myself here in the past. I just want to let you (and myself) know that writing here is something I consider crucial, essential to my mental well-being and sense of fulfillment, and a privilege as well. I'm glad there are some people out there who continue to care whether or not there are new posts that pop up here, albeit much more occasionally than used to be the case. I thank you for hanging in there with me.

 The American Horror Story discussion will continue later this week. Look for it.


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