Monday, September 10, 2012


The episode-by-episode discussion Simon Abrams and I have been indulging in over the past few weeks vis-à-vis American Horror Story has been a lot of fun, at least from our perspective, and we're still on track to finish up Season One round about the time it debuts on Blu-ray and DVD, and of course just in time for Season Two, titled American Horror Story: Asylum, to make its debut on FX. (All of this happens before Halloween.)

But we're going to take a break from it this week so that Simon may give his focus over entirely to his experience at and his reportage of the Toronto Film Festival now currently under way. Our chatter will resume next week with perhaps one more post from both of us on "Halloween, Pt. 2," followed swiftly by my recap and introduction to Episode 5, "Piggy Piggy."

In the meantime, I'll have a couple other items going up this week, including my review of yet another independent film, this one the most adventurous of the three I'll have focused on over the past week. It's called After the Triumph of Your Birth, a film written and directed by Jim Akin, with considerable creative and musical input from his wife, Maria Mckee, and it's easily one of the best movies I've seen this year. I saw the movie when it premiered over the summer at the Cinefamily, and it's back again in Los Angeles this coming Thursday, September 13, at the Aero Theater. And just like at the Cinefamily, the movie will be followed by a rare live performance by Mckee, Akin and members of the cast playing music from the movie and several other deep cuts designed to delight those who have followed Mckee's musical career, from the mid '80s and Lone Justice to the present. It's a brilliant show to compliment a brilliant movie, and if you're in Los Angeles and you don't yet have a ticket, it will be my mission, through my piece, to convince you to remedy that situation.

Look for my review of After the Triumph of Your Birth sometime tomorrow, and perhaps even another goodie or two to get us through until Simon returns next week and the AHS forum begins again.



Unknown said...

I have loved reading all of the recaps from last season, I forgot about some of the episodes before you mentioned them. So when we found out about the release of the first season, a co-worker at Dish and I immediately rented it from Blockbuster @Home. It was so easy to order the DVDs by mail, or exchange them in the store. Seeing the first season makes me even more excited for this next chapter. The Murder House was scary enough, but all of these new teasers give me hope that The Asylum will be even scarier.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Thanks, Lucy! I've never done a close following of a series like this before, and it turns out to be a pretty big undertaking. It' fun to trade thoughts with a spiky thinker like Simon too, with whom agreement is never a requirement for fun! And I didn't know the DVD/Blu-ray was coming out quite so soon! Only a couple of weeks, it seems! My wife has seen teasers for Asylum, but I have not so far. But after this analysis it's going to make watching the new season even more fun, I think! Thanks for reading!