Friday, September 10, 2010


The Horror Dads Roundtable reconvenes this morning over at TCM’s Movie Morlocks with Richard Harland Smith hosting a discussion about Frank Darabont’s controversial adaptation of the Stephen King novella The Mist. Only Shock Till You Drop’s Jeff Allard and I seem to have any conviction that the movie’s infamously brutal Twilight Zone-style shocker of an ending is at all appropriate and effective, which just makes the chewing of this particular chunk of fat all the more compelling and interesting. (At least it did for me; readers will have to make their own decision, fully aware that this discussion is necessarily a mine field of spoilers, so it’s best to be familiar with the movie before reading the piece.)

All the Horror Dads, including myself, Jeff, Richard, Greg Ferrara (Cinema Styles), Paul Gaita (Rue Morgue) and L.A.-based horror filmmaker Nicholas McCarthy, are back for more, as we will be on a semi-regular basis to discuss the important movies in the genre that relate to the way children and adults intersect in the world of horror. I’m so glad these discussions are continuing, and I hope you are too. Join us, won’t you, as The Mist has already begun to roll in over at Movie Morlocks.



Ryan H. said...

The ending didn't bother me as much as the need to spell out what should have been subtext in dialogue.

SFF said...

I really enjoyed your input over at Horror Dads along with all of the other compelling remarks, but I definitely fall in the camp of appreciating the whole film.

I think your tagline that great movies aren't always perfect may sit perfectly with The Mist. The Mist is near perfect.