Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, the funk got pretty funky around here over the weekend, so the Funk Decimator had to be called in early and he has provided the perfect remedy. Even though the specter of a certain uncomfortable preventive medical procedure looms large in the aftermath of a relatively glowing report from my general practitioner after my 50th birthday, I remain fearless because I'm pretty sure that as unpleasant as things could possibly get, they are unlikely to get as bad as what Lois Chiles and Tom Selleck got in Coma. What? You say you don't recall this 1978 classic, or your memories of it are clear like through a bad ether haze? Well, here's the trailer to Decimate the lingering Funk and kick-start your recall of the jangled nerves to be harvested from this Michael Chricton thriller, all on a beautifully overcast L.A. Wednesday, and complete with ominous score courtesy of the master, Jerry Goldsmith. Funk, be decimated!

"They're putting people into comas! They're murdering them!"



Greg said...

Damn you for correcting "Enevieve" to "Genevieve." I was all excited to point it out. Foiled again!

Don Mancini said...

"I specifically requested O.R. 8!"

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Greg: As groggy as I'm operating today, stay tuned. Who knows WHAT could happen!

Tim said...

Wow, directed by Michael Crichton based on the novel by Robin Cook. That's like Stephen King directing a Dean Koontz novel.

blaaagh said...

"She was my best friend. She understood me...she understood me."

Hope you're doing OK, best friend! Thanks for the nostalgic look back at a movie we watched about 8 million times.