Monday, August 23, 2010


UPDATED 8/24/10 5:39 pm

Misfiring synapses, several loads of laundry and a condition not unlike what Ted Mack used to describe as “iron-poor blood” (my kids describe it as “Daddy’s feeling poopy again”) have led me to shift gears slightly. I have had to postpone tomorrow’s intended posting of part two of the Movie Blogger Summit between myself and Farran Nehme Smith until Wednesday. I realize the world wouldn’t have come close to crumbling had I just muddled through without making this announcement. I have, however, hinted in various places that it was gonna be available tomorrow morning, and if I can't come through I feel a tiny heads-up is in order. (At least I resisted the press conference option.) As much as I enjoy keeping my word, I don’t think all the Geritol (or 5-Hour Energy Drink) in Los Angeles would have kept me awake long enough tonight to get the job done. So please bear with me— I think that if you liked part 1, then part 2 will be worth the wait. It’s coming on Wednesday, I promise. Until then, go see Piranha 3D-- you’ll need this foundational experience under your belt to be ready for the sequel Dimension Pictures just announced today. Maybe it’ll be ready in time for actual Spring Break next year?

In the meantime, For Your Consideration-- If you haven't seen this yet (or even if you have), let “Hollywood Treasure” Jerry O’Connell lead you through the official Piranha 3D Oscar campaign, courtesy of


UPDATE 8/24/10 5:39 pm: A real four-alarm bangeroo is manhandling my cranium at this hour, I've got office deadlines, and I seem to not be able to keep my eyes open. In other words, I think last week's excitement has given way to this week's stress and I'm finally getting sick. At the risk of my journalistic credibility, I will try to get part 2 posted as soon as possible, but Wednesday is looking less likely. Thanks for your patience, everyone. It really will be a lot more fun to read than me whining about my splitting headache. Meanwhile, Piranha 3D awaits...



The Siren said...

I don't think there will ever be another time or place where Piranha 3D is merrily proffered as a good substitute for reading a conversation with me. I am inordinately pleased and truly hope someone, somewhere, takes that suggestion seriously. "Can't make it to the Siren's blog for a George Sanders discussion? No problem, here's some Aja to make the minutes fly by like hours..."

Dennis Cozzalio said...

I think Sanders would have been great in a movie like this. Imagine his indignant response as Chief Brody to the shark ruining Amity's 4th of July weekend. Sanders take on Quint would likely be equally amusing.

I'm also thinking this might be the only place on earth where George Sanders and Alexandre Aja get mentioned in the same sentence!