Tuesday, April 13, 2010


“Dreamt I was writing a BFI Classics monograph on Cannonball Run. It wasn't half bad.”

“If you start Red River and There Goes Rhymin' Simon at the same time there are uncanny parallels.”

“We have healthcare reform. Now if we could only erase Altman's grim legacy.”

“We didn't call it "blogging" in my day. We called it WRITING ON TOILET WALLS.”

“Pleasant evening spent scribbling wry commentary in the margins of a Kael collection.”

“One is apparently supposed to tweet about Hot Tub Time Machine this weekend but this tweet will be about Rouben Mamoulian's Becky Sharp.

“Home alone. Did a dance in my underwear to the soundtrack to The Third Man.

Check out these 140-character-or-less morsels on the Twitter account of one FakeSchickel and never look back!



Bryce Wilson said...

"A drunken William Friedkin just showed up at my doorstep. Advice?"

This is the greatest thing twitter has produced since Hobo Darkseid.

"11th hour miracle: Armond White and I are taking over "At the Movies."

I actually gave an involuntary shudder there.

Jake said...

I believe FakeSchickel is James Urbaniak, or at least he said he was on Kevin Pollak's internet chat show. FS may be my favorite "person" on Twitter. My personal favorite is:

"Quiet evening at home delivering an audio commentary on 'Broken Blossoms' to my cat."

Bob Westal said...

Hilarious and horrifying stuff.

Liberal that I am, the White/Schickel "At the Movies" would be the cinematic equivalent of "The Beltway Boys."

Thanks, Dennis and Bryce, I think.

Brian Doan said...

This one might be my favorite: "Stephanie Zacharek is leaving Salon for Movieline. In other news, I'm leaving Time for Starlog."

The Siren said...

All righty, clearly it's time to start putting my Twurking account to actual use. Total spit-take over Becky Sharp.

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