Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A full report (and I do mean full) on my four days at the 2010 TCM Classic Film Festival will be ready to go at The House Next Door in the next few days. Until then, check out the terrific photo and video galleries at the official TCM Classic Film Festival website. I've also created a gallery of my own of posters from the 14 movies (and one cartoon collection) that made my recent adventure in Hollywood so memorable, presented in the order in which I saw them. (Check out links for more info and fun on each movie on the sidebar.) Please stay tuned! I'll be back with a link to much more soon!




Bob Westal said...


The Mysterious Ad[ri.an B)e;ta]m.a.x. said...

pretty poster pictures, mr. proprietor.

Did you see Metropolis?!?! I missed it, but I have to imagine I will get to see it on DVD eventually.

The Mysterious Ad[ri.an B)e;ta]m.a.x. said...

If memory serves, The Story of Temple Drake is unbelievably awesome. But unfortunately my memory does not serve, so I'm not sure..... It's starting to come back to me-- It was truly awesome, wasn't it?! In a saucily pre-code sort of way but very dark?

Dennis Cozzalio said...

The answer to both of your questions is, yes! And you'll see Metropolis sooner than that: it's starting at the Royal in about two weeks.

Miriam Hopkins as Temple Drake is the epitome of awesomeness, and the movie is pretty darn spiffy too. I'm staying up late now trying to get my gargantuan piece for The House Next Door. written, so I'll have more for you there!

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