Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tracking a tracking shot: From left, Rozemarijn Stokkel, director of photography Rogier den Boer, and Peet Gelderblom

Peet Gelderblom, no stranger to these pages, is, apart from his talents as a writer and cartoonist, also a well-known and respected television director in his homeland of The Netherlands. And very soon we’re all going to get a look at Peet’s considerable talent with the camera as he trots out his storytelling chops in his new short film Out of Sync. It sounds like Peet, never one to hide his love for directors like Brian De Palma and David Fincher, is setting some interesting technical and narrative challenges for himself with Out of Sync. The movie, a character driven piece, has what Peet describes as an interesting gimmick. “Only it’s not exactly a gimmick,” Peet says. “It will be the first movie filmed in Anamorphic AuDiVision. For comparison, think split screen, but instead of two or more juxtaposed visual sequences it’s the sound that will be separated from the image, leaving it up to the audience to connect the dots between what you see and hear.” Intrigued? I am, I am! Go to Peet’s post on his Directorama site for some great behind the scenes shots, plus a look at the cast and directions on how you can become a “fan” of Out of Sync on Facebook and get updates as the movie makes its journey through the world of post-production and to a viewing outlet near you sometime this fall. And of course, stay tuned to SLIFR for more updates as well.

Here’s the Out of Sync teaser. Tease no more, Peet. I wanna see the whole thing!