Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The tribute I wrote on August 10, 2006 in the wake of the death earlier that year of Candice Rialson has become one of the most frequently visited articles in the SLIFR archives, which is I think probably a more telling tribute than the article itself. I have corresponded briefly with Rialson’s brother Scott, and today he inquired as to how he might post a portfolio shot of his lovely sister in the comments section of my piece. I told him I was pretty sure pictures wouldn’t post in the comments section (but, being somewhat technologically challenged, I couldn’t be sure), but I would gladly post it myself as an update on the piece. The picture Scott sent me, seen above, is so beautiful and captured so much of the homespun appeal and natural sexual presence of the actress that many of us know and love from movies like Hollywood Boulevard and Candy Stripe Nurses that I decided to give it its own post, a single shot version of “Faces I Love.” Along with the photo, Scott has sent along his great appreciation for all of his sister's fans and the concern shown by them here on this blog and in other places since her death over a year and a half ago. I have extended best wishes from myself and all the readers of SLIFR to Scott and his family for a happy holiday in the hope that the memory of Candice enriches the celebration of the season this year and makes it ultimately more meaningful.



Neil Sarver said...

As I wrote over at Thinking of Candice by Marty McKee, "I, too, get an inordinate number of hits from my post, which doesn't have much aside from links to other people's tributes, which all seemed to say so much more than I could think to say... or better than I could think of a way to.

"I can't imagine there are very many actresses, drive-in or not, who would get the kind of heartfelt tributes that she got. There was just something very special about her and what she brought to the screen."

I'm glad to know that her family is getting a chance to see kind of genuine fondness that is out there for her. I'd also point to Candice Rialson, R.I.P. by Mark Evanier, which is a nice tribute and came a hair later than others, so often isn't on the lists of links people, such as I, posted in the immediate wake of her passing.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's nice to see her sweet face again--thanks for posting that!

Jeremy Richey said...

I am currently hosting a tribute week to Candice at my Seventies Blog Harry Moseby Confidential. I am offering up some writings on her films, exclusive screenshots, wallpapers, lobby cards and more.
Thanks for your wonderful articles on her which I provided links for over there.

Unknown said...

I met Candice when I lived in Hawaii. We became yesw good friends as we later would make visits to each other states in the late 70s. I didn't become aware of her passing until a few years ago when I tried again to get hold of her to say hi. Candice and I were really good buddies throughout our times. Actually if possibleit would be neat to get hold of his brother Scott to reflect.