Friday, December 14, 2007


(Click on photo for full-motion comedy!)

I’d like to announce something new coming soon to this very blog—a world premiere motion picture event! Yes, you read that right. A few weeks ago I highlighted a film by SLIFR reader and budding filmmaker Andrew Blackwood entitled Elements. Andrew has been deep into a filmmaking class taught by Matthew Harrison, who is part of the Film Crash collective of directors and producers, and hw has been coming up with some very good stuff in this workshop. Next up from Andrew, a four-minute short entitled Slap that will premiere right here on SLIFR this coming Monday at 12 noon. I have not seen it; I know nothing about it; but based on my own reaction to Elements, when Andrew proposed the premiere idea I took him up on it because I saw a unique opportunity not only for him to showcase his film, but also for SLIFR readers to watch it and submit their own uncensored reactions to it. As anyone who has made films (or any kind of art) knows, the honest reaction of viewers is one of the best tools to shaping, refining and defining your approach to your work, and honest reaction, both positive and negative, is what Andrew seeks.

I’d like to specifically invite those SLIFR readers who are themselves bloggers and film critics to submit their reactions and reviews either in the comments column or in direct e-mails to me. I will publish those reactions and reviews here and turn Monday into a Slap mini-blog-a-thon of sorts. It might be an interesting exercise in looking and immediately responding to a piece of work without the slightest bit of context or pre-awareness. No need to let me know ahead of time if you’re interested in participating— just jump in on Monday!

So keep your eye on this space Monday, December 17 at 12:00 noon for the world premiere of Andrew Blackwood’s Slap.

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