Tuesday, May 29, 2007


VOTE HERE to get Russell Martin on this year's National League All-Star Team!

And yes, even the Giants announcers had to admit it...

UPDATE 5/30/07 11:21 p.m.: And if that's not enough, when asked about the "weak" Dodger offense after today's game, the second shutout in as many days of the Washington Nationals during which Martin crushed a two-run homer over the center field fence, the soft-spoken catcher had this to say:

"If you say it like that, yeah, I'm part of that offense, so I take it a little personally... The most (home runs) I've ever hit are 15, but I've got the power to hit home runs. It's an approach. I'm sure I could hit more, but my average (.303) would drop more. It's just hitting them when you need to."

Great catcher. Increasingly good hitter. And smart too. The man deserves to be an All-Star just for that quote.


Lester said...

You mean you gotta write him in? What the?

I voted.

I could not understand the announcer, could you give me the gist of what he said...

Peteski said...

I voted. Your link is broken.

this one works


Dennis Cozzalio said...

Peteski, you cheeky devil. See you in October?

Murray, the gist of the Giants announcer's comment was: "Russell Martin showing you why some folks think he's gonna be a Gold Glover someday... What a block. That's the big leagues, folks. That's a big league play." Take that, Paul Lo Duca.

Thom McGregor said...

I voted 21 times. Then my computer said no more. Russell Martin is so good, I'm afraid the Dodgers will trade him.