Friday, May 18, 2007


Apparently this one has been around for a couple of months. But, to paraphrase an ancient and specious NBC tag line, if I haven’t seen it, then it’s new to me. (And you too!) This comes by way of the incomparable Kim Morgan-- an exceedingly amusing video created by blogger Alonso Moseley designed to tease your sensibility a wee bit-- 100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers. (Does that name Alonso Moseley sound familiar? Check his profile.) No better way to kick off the weekend than this video, says me. Can you name 'em all? (And yes, I know that frame grab-- courtesy of YouTube, mind you-- may look provocative, but it's really only George Kennedy getting ready to witness the greatest egg-eatin' extravaganza of all time in Cool Hand Luke.)

(Thanks, Kim, and, of course, Alonso!)


Damian Arlyn said...

Does that name Alonso Moseley sound familiar?

Wow! Now, there's a name I haven't heard in a while. Alonso Moseley is the name of the FBI agent played by Yaphet Kotto the Robert Deniro/Charles Grodin action-comedy Midnight Run (which is a personal favorite of mine).

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Damian gets the free bail bond! Good detectifyin'!

And, Alonso, I just watched this again, and I gotta say this is fantastic! This must have taken forever to put together!

(By the way, I think you got linked on IMDb a day or so ago, which might explain why this video is exploding all of the sudden.)

Anonymous said...

Oh man... that was great. Someone should do the same with comedy lines. Wait, maybe that should be me! I can only hope.

Anonymous said...

What a treat. I thought it would get boring, but I enjoyed it all! Thanks to you and to Kim.

Paul C. said...

Man, this was awesome. If this thing isn't featured somewhere during next year's Oscar™ ceremony I'll be sorely disappointed. But then, I'm used to disappointment from the Oscars™.

I like the variety of this montage- yeah, it's got some obvious ones (though no STAR WARS, surprisingly) but some unexpected and eclectic choices as well. But what really makes it work is the pacing. "Alonzo" doesn't try and rush through the clips just to get to the punch line, which (a) gives us enough time to recognize them, and (b) makes the lines themselves work. I mean, look at #11. The whole point is that Nigel has to think about how to respond, and if he just fired back "these go up to 11" the laugh would be lost.

The blogger's name as well as #97 have convinced me that I need to watch MIDNIGHT RUN again, which I haven't done in years. Whatever happened to Charles Grodin?

Stupid personal anecdote: I remember once back in middle school when my class went on a field trip, we really did sing this on the bus. However, a clearly annoyed chaperone (who we didn't much like) made us stop, ostensibly because "that song is about drinking." Needless to say, we started back up again, with modified lyrics- "take one down, put it back up" so that there would always be 99 bottles on the wall and the song would go on forever. She was pretty pissed off about it, but what could she do? Never underestimate a middle-schooler's ingenuity in the cause of annoying others.

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