Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I may be the last guy on planet Earth to have seen this, but even if that's true:

Speaking of spectacular video (this one entirely Andrews-free) incorporating existing footage and creating something entirely new, take a look at this video from U2 entitled “Window in the Sky.” In addition to being a particularly vivid example of how the group’s songwriting skills have not diminished, but have continued to strengthen, since the bygone days of Boy, the video continues the group’s positioning at the forefront of innovation and artistic expression in the visual medium as well. (The video was directed by Gary Koepke.) You can read more about the video in this article from this morning’s Los Angeles Times. But before you do, just press play and be on the lookout for just about every imaginable pop singer icon from every era of pop music as they lip-synch pretty much perfectly in this new video, a work which truly is worthy of the much-maligned adjective “awesome.”

(Thanks for the tip, Thom McG.)


Mr. Middlebrow said...

In this case, "awesome" might just fall short. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, any sign of a Prof. Milton roundup in the offing?

Dennis Cozzalio said...

You read my mind, Mr. M. A roundup of the answers from the latest quiz is in the pipeline-- it's my weekend project, if I can scoot around enough other weekend projects. Look for it soon!

Anonymous said...

This video is truly horrible. Prtentious dwarves comparing themselves with giants. Andthe poppys & children at the end ...