Friday, May 12, 2006

JIM EMERSON MAKES MY WEEKEND (and most of next week too, I'll bet!)

Holy Schnike! I would have left a comment on the actual post, Jim, but you don’t accept comments, so you leave me no choice but to use this forum to say thank you for such an incredible shout-out. You have indeed made my weekend. And everyone, please note Jim Emerson’s Scanners on the sidebar to your right and click on it often. Anyone who doesn’t like Mississippi Burning is okay in my book!

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Brian Darr said...

Awesome! I see it's already paying off in more quiz answers to fuel the beast. Here's as good a time as any to join Mr. Emerson's appreciation for your own answers, Dennis, which I don't think I took the time to do (even though I made the time to read them).