Friday, May 12, 2006


Oh, all right, just one more link, and then I really will go away for a couple of days. Journalist Aaron Aradillas has been doing a series of interviews with film critics at Rock and has scored some excellent time talking with the likes of David Edelstein, Janet Maslin, Mike Clark, Jami Bernard (who blogger Andy Horbal reports is on her way out at the New York Daily News, her contract not being renewed), Owen Gleiberman and Glenn Kenny.

Aradillas' style is very casual and informal and he gets these people, who often don't spend a lot of time talking about what they do, to open up in funny and informative fashion.

Now Aradillas is back with his latest piece, a terrifically entertaining interview with Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum. She and colleague Owen Gleiberman have been opening up a bit in their "Ask the Critic" corner segment of their magazine, and Schwarzbaum runs with the opportunity for a long-form conversation about her history, the state of film criticism and, of course, the movies. Thanks, Aaron, for the great work. Maybe eventually a book...?

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