Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Well, I told myself I'd go to bed early tonight-- no working, no writing. But the Dodgers are stomping the Giants 10-1 and putting it to cynical local sportswriters like the Times' Bill Plaschke who, after one game (yesterday's heartbreaking loss to SF 4-2), have decided that the tired themes they've harped on all season-- DePodesta's "bad" moves, the lack of defense in the wake of Beltre's departure-- are reason to pack the whole season in. And I've got office work to do after all.

But I couldn't let this one go by. The summer movie season is rapidly approaching, headed up by the 800-pound gorilla, that little political chamber drama directed by George "What I Really Want To Do Is Make Avant-Garde Films" Lucas. I'll have more to say about some of the anticpated releases headed our way later in the week. But the story tonight is about the fans who have parked themselves outside Grauman's Chinese more than a month ahead of the movie's release date, and the eleven die-hards who have refused to pack up camp despite the announcement that the movie, breaking a tradition started way back in 1977, will actually not be playing at the Chinese, but a mile down the road at the Arclight Cinerama Dome! Here's where you can get the whole silly story.

Whoops. The Dodgers' 9th-inning whiz Yhency Brazoban is getting shelled. Now it's 10-4 and the Giants, with two outs to go, are, as Vin Scully just said, going stubbornly into that good night. But it's okay. I can type with my toes crossed.

Ah. Uncross 'em. Jeff Kent scoops up the ground ball and throws to first for the final out. Bring on the rubber game!

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