Monday, March 21, 2005


It’s been a pretty busy time, at work and with my family, but also with projects that have come about because of what’s been happening on this blog. To my great and happy surprise, I’ve got several irons in the literary fire right now, and the first one just came out today, glowing red-hot and ready for cowhide. If you click on over to 24 Lies A Second, you’ll see that yours truly has an article freshly published on the front page of this excellent online film journal. It’s a new version of one of the first articles to be published on this blog waaaaaay back in November of 2004, "Pleasures Worthy of Guilt." I was asked to submit it for publication by the journal’s founder, Peter Gelderblom, when he discovered this blog and liked what he read. The main difference in what I posted in November and what you’ll see on 24 Lies A Second today is that it has been spruced up considerably by 24 Lies editor-in-chief Jim Moran, who is, like Peter Gelderblom, very encouraging, accommodating and honest in his appraisals. And the piece is actually a little longer! (Some of you are saying to yourselves right now, "This is good news?!") Yes, not only did these gentlemen like what they read and not ask me to cut it down, they actually asked me to add a few short paragraphs at the end to sum everything up. I could never figure out how to end the piece when I originally wrote it, so in its original form it just kind of peters out. But the suggestion of the extra paragraphs kick-started my thinking on it, and the result is an article that feels whole to me for the first time. So if you can stand the thought of revisiting "Pleasures Worthy of Guilt," or if you've never read it at all, I encourage you to visit 24 Lies A Second and scope out the new model's improved lines. And while you're there, take advantage of the opportunity to partake of all the other terrific, provocative, serious film writing that's available there. It's all there for the love of film. Thanks, Peter and Jim, for inviting me to become part of the fine work you're doing. It's an honor.


Aaron W. Graham said...

Hello there -

Found this blog after reading your essay at 24liesasecond, and I must say it's quite an excellent read!

I've long since admired the harmless fun of both "Point Break" and "Roadhouse", and the rest of the list is a refreshing glimpse at an obviously hardcore cinephile with a million different references at his disposal (and, which, I can hopefully pick up on!)

I've since combed over most of the movies posts here, and, coincedentally, will now give the commentary track on "Saw" a chance after renting it this very same evening and seeing your thoughts on the track.

At any rate, thanks for a fantastic read!

Dennis Cozzalio said...


I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed the essay. It's kind of a tough line to walk, talking about films like these that are largely dismissed without coming off like a know-it-all or somehow condescending to the subject. And it's really nice to hear from someone who appreciates what you've done or said. The constant oneupsmanship you see on some forums tends to get a little wearying.

Hope to hear from you again soon!