Sunday, March 06, 2005


Our oldest, Emma, turned five years old today.

Seven years ago we'd have thought such a thing unimaginable.

And now we can't remember what life was like without her.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emma--you are a terrific kid! Thanks for sharing all your toys with me when I visit, and helping to set up my bed in the living room. (please pass this on for me, Dennis.)--Bruce

Thom McGregor said...

I know I'm biased, but Emma is one of the most beautiful, generous, sweet, smart and truly enthusiastic people I've ever met. She is my best friend, and her love knows no bounds. I am so lucky she's my daughter.

Anonymous said...

Happiest of all possible birthdays, Miss Emma!

Aunt Jenny

(Aunt who? you ask. Oh, you remember me-- I'm the one who squeezed you and slurped kisses all over your face at the CI nursery not quite 5 years ago...)