Friday, February 25, 2005


...was anyone else heartened to read this compelling headline for this bit of hard-hitting news in this morning's Internet Movie Database news column?:


The story reports that Ben Affleck has waived his usual multi-million dollar fee to play actor George Reeves, the Superman star who was mysteriously shot dead in Beverly Hills in 1959, in a movie entitled Truth, Justice And The American Way. Affleck is so convinced, says the item, that the fact-based drama is the perfect project for him that he's taken a massive pay cut - and will only earn $2.8 million.

If we're to take "multi" as meaning more than one, or even more than two (Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary supports both meanings), then I think I'm safe in saying the status of Affleck's fee as a multi-million dollar one, while perhaps severely diminished, remains intact. How he expects to to survive on "only" $2.8 million, on the other hand, is a question I think only he can adequately answer.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Poor, downtrodden Ben. Maybe now he'll try a little harder to be good, as he struggles to make ends meet. By the way, I clicked on your link to George Reeves, and noticed that imdb lists him as appearing in SEVENTEEN movies released in 1940 alone. Whew...jeez I am a nerd. Also by the way, I liked "Jersey Girl," too--and yes, somehow Affleck is always good in Kevin Smith movies. Bruce

Loxjet said...

I equate Ben's ability to command multimillion-dollar paydays with eighties band Europe's ability to sell ten gazillion copies of "The Final Countdown."