Saturday, February 19, 2005

A CONNECTION HERE? this lovely woman?

Eva Mendes

Or am I just enjoying some rare free time getting to know my Bloggerbot picture-loading system? At any rate, these latest photos sure beat the heck out of looking at a picture of Jeff Kent and Paul DePodesta.

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Anonymous said...

Weird, but all this rain is making me think of Peter Weir's THE LAST WAVE.

Ya know, the Great Set Designer, or Big Blue Dodger in the Sky, or the world's most Positive Thinker, or whatever you wanna call him, he's just messin' with us, letting our scientists think they can clone something. Clearly, he's been doing it all along.

I love the publicity shot you found from HANNIE CAULDER. I've only seen parts of that movie, and I don't believe she's ever decked out like that during the course of the proceedings, and I have my doubts that she could outdraw, outdrink or outslug Joan Crawford as Vienna in JOHNNY GUITAR, but then again, why am I worried about any of this.

I had to look up Eva Mendes on IMDb to find out who she is, and I was surprised to find out that she graduated from Herbert Hoover High School right across the street from Willie's middle school here in Glendale.

But lest you forget...


Now, go to sleep, fool.

Oh, hey, there's an aborigine with a didgeridoo sitting on my porch. Man, that's my cue to go to bed and hope I wake up and find that the sun is out.