Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Just a little clarification about my first post...

When I reread my description of myself as an "ex and frustrated film critic," I think I made myself sound like I'm a disillusioned career professional in between gigs or something, and I think I came off not just a little presumptuous as well.

I wrote film reviews for the Ashland Daily Tidings from 1983-1986, and though I do have a bachelor of arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Oregon, this three-year freelance newspaper gig is, to date, my only professional experience writing about film.

However, the "frustrated" part is accurate, though I'm hoping my experience with this blog will be a positive creative outlet for the kind of writing I like to do.

Also, I'm a little concerned, because I will probably be focusing mostly on film writing, that the title of the blog may be somewhat deceptive. I hoped the title would invoke the world of film, through the allusion to Leone's wonderful spaghetti western masterpiece, as well as my love for the Dodgers. However, I don't expect that my writing about baseball will be that prolific or particularly insightful, because even though my enthusiasm for the sport is very intense and I like to think of myself as a thinking fan, I'm not entirely confident about my ability to navigate intellectually in that world. And I may never be, if some of the quality and insightfulness of some of the blogging and commentary on the sport I've seen in the past two years are to be my standard.

These may just be rookie blogger jitters, and they may not. So, depending on which way the wind blows, a new title may be coming down the road.

Finally, for anyone who may have been put off by the length of "Pleasures Worthy Of Guilt," don't worry-- I don't have the time to ramble on at that length every time out. That article was written several months ago under different circumstances, but I thought it'd be fun to see it in print somewhere, since those to whom I submitted it seemed to disagree! Most will be far shorter, maybe even just two or three sentences, but hopefully worth both writing and reading, no matter what length.


Anonymous said...

How about Ball Four, and You're Out... At The Movies!

Or... Baseball Days and Cinema Nights

Or... The Passion of the Cinema

Or... Eight Men Out... At The Movies!

Or... Bull Durham Is A Movie About Baseball!

Or... Diamond Vision and 1.85 Letterbox Cinemascope!

Anonymous said...

...or Bull Durham is a baseball about movies.