Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Film critic Manohla Dargis, late of the LA Weekly and The Los Angeles Times, has written a terrific article about the resurgence of cinephilia in the digital age, and given the eulogies written over the last 10 years on the death of film culture Dargis's conclusions are remarkably optimistic. Check out the article here:

You may have to register (it's free) to access this article and other online content with The New York Times. Although it may not always be the case, this time it's worth the extra 15 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Manohla Dargis is a traitor to the Los Angeles Times. And my husband likes her too much. So forget it.

How about... Stadium Seating and Stadiums!


Anonymous said...

So much for the "I hate Manohla" club.
Do I have to give back my free gift?