Friday, November 11, 2005


On this early Friday morning, it’s time to take a few minutes to send a shout-out and a whole passel of best wishes to friend and fellow blogger PSaga. I didn’t meet PSaga through this blog, but the whole blogging adventure opened up an avenue which allowed and encouraged us to become good friends, and she’s been a valued member of our little SLIFR community from the beginning. She’s been a little less active than usual on her own site these days, and I suspect that has everything to do with wrestling the details involved in taking a big leap and changing her life ever so slightly, the reality of which will dawn on Saturday, when she heads off into a bright future in another place, a state which holds a place dear to my heart. PSaga is one of those rare people I’ve met who I liked right away, and who proved my first impression correct right down the line. She’s been an excellent movie pal-- I dragged her along to some pretty great films this past summer, including The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West and Grizzly Man, and one spectacular bomb, Doom-- and a superb colleague who understood the intricacies of the work we do with admirable speed and clarity, and who always approached her job with a thoroughness and intelligence that made me very glad whenever we got to share a project. Speaking purely selfishly, I’m pissed that she’s moving away. But when I remember the feeling I had when I moved to Los Angeles at age 27, as if the whole world was still in front of me, and being a little giddy, and scared, about what the future might, or might not, hold, I envy her being in somewhat the same position, and I’m exceedingly glad for her. Besides, she’ll still be able to get her cine fix, I’m sure, and there’s this thing called the computer that oughta keep her as close to all of us who know her or who have enjoyed her comments on this blog as we ever have been. Yep, as long as we can still call her a part of the SLIFR cabal, then I’ll be punch as pleased. Happy trails, PSaga. Have a safe journey, and drop us a line to let us know you got there safe, won’t ya? Oh, and get ready— Professor Wagstaff expects your participation in the upcoming Christmas Vacation quiz, and, as you know, geographical distance is no excuse!


blaaagh said...

I would be sad to see PSaga go, but since I know her almost entirely from this communication, I should be lucky enough to hear from her just as regularly! (Though it was an unexpected pleasure to get to meet her secret identity recently). Anyway, where she's going, I'm more jealous of her than sad! Safe journey, PSaga, and I look forward to hearing more from you...have fun in the green country.

p.saga said...

Aw, shoot, Dennis. I'm still more than a little embarrassed by this moment in the SLIFR spotlight (and I'm completely horrified that I merely imagined responding, but so vividly as to convince myself I'd actually posted!) You're after my own heart with that awesome poster for HANGOVER SQUARE! If I were rich, well, I'd try to save the world somehow. But if I were filthy rich, I'd totally hoard movie posters. Polish and Czech movie posters. Okay, maybe I'd share them. I would be like the Peggy Guggenheim of movie posters. Did you get a load of those fine specimans in the Autry Leone exhibit?

Thank you, blaaagh, for your kind words as well. How lucky to meet you before I ran off to the green country! Next time you and Dennis are hanging out in Eugene we should totally catch a show together at the Bijou!