Tuesday, April 26, 2016


    As TCMFF 2016 approaches, I've taken it upon myself to initiate some meticulously gauged scientific research. As you can see from the previous post, I've blocked out a schedule which, if I manage to get into everything I'm hoping to see, will allow me to consume 21 movies from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. 

    How is this possible? Well, only four of those 21 boasts running times over 100 minutes, and none of them reach a full two hours. The rest range from the lean and not-at-all-mean Horse Feathers, by one minute the shortest at 68 minutes, to the relatively robust 95 minutes of Band of Outsiders and The Endless Summer. 

    So the average run time of my TCMFF selections this year turns out to be 87 minutes, which is great news for my butt, my bladder and my gluttonous ambitions for this coming weekend. Wish me luck!  #TCMFF


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