Friday, October 09, 2015


After having been thoroughly turned on by the experience of revisiting Dressed to Kill on Blu-ray, I decided to go screen grab-happy and isolate some of the images, visual constructs and stylistic flourishes that have haunted and teased my imagination over the years that this movie has cemented itself in my pantheon of all-time favorites. These are some of the moments that can be preserved purely visually—the movie cannot be truly experienced without the participation of Pino Donaggio and the contributions of its sound editor and mixer, Dan Sable and John Bolz. What I ended up with reminded me of a certain very popular education tool from my childhood that may go completely lost on the digital generation, but that’s okay. Without consideration for spoilers—if you haven’t yet seen Dressed to Kill, you should be watching the Criterion Blu-ray instead of perusing this blog post— I hope you enjoy the many split diopter, multiple frame-within-frame, perspective jumbling treats offered by my Dressed to Kill filmstrip.

(Click on individual images to get the BIG picture.)


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