Thursday, March 12, 2015



Well, it's all over for another year, all except the savoring, of course, which is really what's at the heart of Paul Clark and Steven Carlson's kinda glorious Muriel Awards. I usually keep better track of the awards as they are announced, but circumstances didn't allow for it this year. So that means I'll begin the delicious process of going back through the Muriel archive for this year and relishing everything I've missed. The Muriels have always been a welcome corrective to the avalanche of publicity campaigns and incessant hype of the movie awards season, largely because each category features well-considered pieces from a sampling of the best critical and fan-based writing on the Web, a number with which I've been proud to be associated ever since the inception of the Muriels back in 2006.

Just look at the roster of talented scribes who lent themselves to Muriel this year: Jason Alley, Danny Baldwin, Josh Bell, Andrew Bemis, Christianne Benedict, Scott Black, Danny Bowes, Sean Burns, Donald G. Carder,  Kevin Cecil, Paul Clark, Andrew Dignan, Kevin Dufresne, Philip Dyess-Nugent, Jim Emerson, Alex Engquist, James Frazier, Kenji Fujishima, Daniel Getahun, Luke Gorham, Jaime Grijalba, Russell Hainline, Glenn Heath Jr., Darren Hughes, Daniel C. Johnson, Sam Juliano, Peter Labuza, Adam Lemke, Michael Lieberman, Craig Lindsey, Matt Lynch, Sam C. Mac, Jeff McMahon, Patrick Miller, Matt Noller, Mark Pfeiffer, Cole Roulain, Jason Shawhan, Melissa Starker, Catherine Stebbins, Andreas Stoehr, Vern, Scott von Doviak, Clayton Walter, Patrick Williamson, Bryce Wilson and George Wu.

These folks have made revisiting the year one last time a real treat. And next year, who knows what's in store for Muriels' 10th anniversary? I'm counting on being there, and I hope you will too.

(Click here to access the entirety of the Muriel Award winners for 2014.)


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