Saturday, October 19, 2013


‘Tis the season for some screamin’… and old dark houses, and knives flashing in the moonlight, and fangs… always fangs. Glad to have you back again for another round of the apparently now annual SLIFR Fearsome Halloween Classic Horror Frame Grab Quiz, in which we unveil 31 specially selected moments, one for each day of the month of Shocktober, culled from the vaults of the classic and not-so-classic and not-yet-classic horror movies we (or at least most of us) know and love.

This year’s selections, ranging from as far back as 1931 and as recently as last summer, often lean toward my tastes, naturally (there’s a general clue right there), but not always. And all the movies seen below are well known—no obscure direct-to-video titles from the bottom of the Netflix horror barrel are represented here—so anyone who knows her or his movie horrors ought not to have too tough a time shuffling through this particular graveyard.

All you need do, Dear Reader, is identify, by any means available, the movie from which each image comes. A couple of them are relative gimmes, a few others may be on the Abby Normal side, but the general range of the movies referenced is definitely in the mainstream. And none of them have simply been pilfered from the Internet, which might make them a little more difficult to trace. When you’ve come up with your answers, just tally up your score—we’re on the honor system here, but the wrath of Pazuzu awaits those who decide to cheat the system—and leave your score along with your name, either here in the comments section or under this post on my Facebook page. If you decide to post actual answers here rather than just scores, I’ll hold on to them until after Halloween so that the challenge will remain fresh for everyone who wants to dive in. Then, on November 1, I’ll announce the winner (last year’s champ, Roderick Heath, is still flush from the excitement of the honor and may not relinquish his crown without a fight) and a key to all 31 movie titles.

Oh, and be sure to click on the image if you need a bigger, better, clearer look. And now, consider the crypt open for business. May you return safely, and alive… and sane…



































Thanks for playing! And happy Halloween!



Jeff Gee said...

Wow. I got nothin'. Well, 4, 7, 8, 19, 27 and (maybe) 29. 386

Dave S said...

Wow Dennis - That was hard, but fun. Here's what I got (or what I think I got):

1. Whip and the Body (a bad guess)

2. Don't Go in the House

3. The Fog

4. The Wolfman

5. Hatchet for the Honeymoon

6. Session 9

7. Attack of the Crab Monsters

8. ???

9. Black Sabbath

10. Black Pit of Dr. M

11. Evil of Frankenstein

12. Lords of Salem

13. Frankenstein

14. The Witches ('66)

15. Comedy of Terrors

16. Curse of the Crimson Alter

17. Gothic

18. The Night Stalker

19. Premature Burial

20. ???

21. Kwaidan

22. Ssssss

23. Homicidal

24. ???

25. ???

26. ???

27. Mad Monster Party

28. The Baby

29. The Innocents

30. Invasion of the Bee Girls

31. Scars of Dracula

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Dave: I can't say which ones are right or wrong, of course, but you managed a very respectable 16 out 31 correct!

I will say for #11, EXCELLENT guess-- there is a common denominator between the picture you guessed and the correct answer, beside the obvious connection, and it's right there in the picture, which is I'm sure why you submitted the answer you did.

Participation has been kinda on the low ebb for this year's contest. I wonder if I might not have made it a little too hard...!

Great detective work, though!

Jeff Gee said...

Agreeing with Dave S on 4 (The Wolfman), 7 (Attack of the Crab Monsters), 19 (Premature Burial), and 27 (Mad Monster Party). # 8 is The Pact. I thought 29 was Dementia 13, not The Innocents but I can't find a screen grab to confirm.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Correct on all counts, Jeff... except #29. You're in the right ballpark though!

Jeff Gee said...

I think Dave is also correct on: 3 (The Fog), 5 (Hatchet for a Honeymoon), 6 (Session 9), 13 (Frankenstein), 14 (The Witches), 30 (Invasion of the Bee Girls) and 31 (Scars of Dracula). I watched Session 9 maybe 6 weeks ago and have absolutely no recollection of that shot, but it turns up on a quick & dirty google search, so I'm going with it. I *think* I've recently seen #16 and # 18 as well, but they're both just out of reach. (I want to say something with British actors in an Italian movie for 18). 11 is a real puzzler. So far image searches for "The Shitty Burlap Sack Mask of Frankenstein" are coming up empty.

Jeff Gee said...

"The Doctor and the Devils" for 17.

Jeff Gee said...

"Man from Planet X" for 24. And almost certain Dave is right about 22 ("Ssssss") and 28 ("The Baby").

Reno Dakota said...

#16 is Kill List! Pretty sure the others I recognized have already been named.

Dave S said...

Just when ya think ya know your horror, along comes a quiz that floors ya. I thought #16 was The Kill List, but then I had something stuck in my head about an antique mirror that is stolen by a coven of witches. The lesson- Always go with your gut! Great quiz, Dennis.