Friday, December 07, 2012


And now, in the spirit of celebration, a re-holiday revival of one of my favorite features, one I don't do nearly often enough, "Faces I Love," and we'll kick off this time with the men's room. These faces all belong to actors from the movies (with one notable exception); when I spot them somewhere inside a movie that may or may not be enthralling in and of itself, it's almost a sure thing that I'm about to witness a grand moment or a marvelously subtle bit of business that only these men, in their inimitable ways, could possibly conjure. The one stand-out is sportscaster Michael Wilbon, whose personality I usually enjoy whenever I happen upon him-- he's included simply because he's a good-looking guy with style and the sort of comportment I wish I could draw on as easily as he seems to be able to. (A little public envy every so often is not, I hope, entirely crude.) We'll start with the birthday boy...

Happy 97th birthday to Eli Wallach, who has enriched my moviegoing life in countless ways, and never more so as Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez, the imcomparable "Ugly" in title only.

Art Evans

Peter Mullan

Carlo Battisti

R.G. Armstrong

Andrew Garfield

Dave Chappelle

Andre Morell

Bruce Greenwood

John McGiver

Toby Jones

Mark Strong

Michael Ripper

Val Avery

Ray Winstone

Michael Wilbon


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