Friday, November 02, 2012


The estimable Richard Harland Smith has assembled a few of the Horror Dads over at Movie Morlocks for an informal chat about how Halloween 2012 will be remembered and what we wish we'd been able to see and do for this year's holiday. Here's a taste of how my confession went:

"For starters, I wasn’t able (wasn’t willing?) to continue my string of greasepaint-oriented Halloween costumes into a third year. Two Halloweens ago I haunted the neighborhood as a bald guy in a cape with white makeup covering the entirety of my orb— Humpty Dumpty-ula— and last year was the occasion of my triumphant, costume-contest winning appearance as Satan—bald head covered this time in red, but with horns! I had great plans as we plowed into September of going green for Halloween this year, but frankly, I just couldn’t find Martian antennae that lived up to my exacting standards—glitter-covered emerald pom-poms attached to a girl’s headband would have been just so beneath me. And I remembered the fallout from having to scrub my crimson sphere with a bar of Lava in order to get all that makeup off last year—which, of course, left the landscape of my skull a whole different sort of red, cratered and very Martian, for sure. So I wasn’t eager to relive that. This year I settled for Man in Shorts and Oregon T-Shirt accompanying my Cute Ninja and Scary Devil Doll with Cracked Face as they scoured the neighborhood in search of scares (and Skittles, and Snickers, and…) But now that it’s all over, I kinda wish I’d felt a little more into it, like I have the last couple of go-rounds. My girls only have one or two more honest trick-or-treat runs left in them before they start getting all self-conscious and worried about whether or not they’re old for this sort of fun, and I wish I’d been a little more gung-ho for their sakes. Next year, the Martian invasion of Glendale is on!"

As for what we wished we'd all watched, well, you'll just have to check out the Horror Dads' "Halloween Regrets" post now playing at TCM's Movie Morlocks to find out! Hint: there's no sinister or insidious paranormal activity involved.


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