Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dear Tree House Readers:

To say this year’s session inside the rickety construct of the SLIFR Tree House has been a success would be an early candidate for Best Understatement of 2012. The depth of emotion, intelligence and passion of the exchange so far has exceeded my wildest hopes, and the feedback I’ve been getting suggests that many of you feel the same way. I know my beloved Treeks (we all have our favorite term, it seems) would agree.

That’s why we’ve decided to extend our Tree House meeting into next week. So far everyone’s had a chance to submit one post, and we’re getting ready to finish off Round Two. But that’s just not enough— there’s just too much stuff, be it trivial, significant or, as Sheila’s upcoming post will amply prove, really significant left to discuss. So we’ve allowed ourselves three passes each, meaning that we aren’t likely to wrap this up until sometime around this coming Wednesday-- meaning that though we’ll have been at it officially for only eight days, we will have at the end compiled 20 or so posts, the perceptivity and quality of which is something we can and should all be proud.

I think this year’s Tree House has gone a long way toward proving that there is no subject too high or too low to be worth considering as we engage in the process of turning the movies upside-down and inside-out, examining how and why the art of film can touch us in so many different ways, in any given year. And I personally am very proud to be part of a group of writers who can differ and be smart and passionate without turning the Tree House into a mixed martial arts ring. Thanks to Sheila, Jason, Steven, Jim and Simon for making this year’s meeting such a worthy endeavor in every way. Onward to Act 3!



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