Friday, April 15, 2011


Thanks to my friend Andy, who in addition to being the smartest person I know also openly worships at the altar of Claudia Cardinale. Andy pointed out to me that, rather than thinking of this date and its bone-chilling financial associations for American taxpayers, we should really be taking note of the date's more joyful meaning, and that is Ms. Cardinale's birthday. The actress, always beautiful beyond compare and still quite lovely, turns 73 years old today and this site would be remiss into infinity if it did not mark the occasion. Make some time, and I intend to tonight, to visit one of La Cardinale's memorable appearances in great movies like Once Upon a Time in the West or The Leopard or , or even in lesser movies that are elevated by her mere presence, like Fitzcarraldo (that one's gonna get me in trouble, I know-- send your nasty cards and letters to...), The Pink Panther, Sandra, Circus World, The Professionals or Conversation Piece. To fill the dance card out even further, and just in time to mark the day, Warner Archives DVD has made available a fun little trifle, Don't Make Waves, which finds Claudia romping with Tony Curtis, Sharon Tate, Robert Webber and Dub Taylor (??!!) in sunny (and way swinging) Southern California circa 1967.

Claudia Cardinale may be an actress of limited range, but that doesn't mean she isn't a good actress. She is also one of unlimited appeal and beauty, and it's a thrill to be able to look back on her career and behold the spectrum of films she made, the filmmakers she worked with, and appreciate how lucky we were and are to be able to marvel at her sexy intelligence and presence then and now, to be able to watch her shine like the very definition of a movie star. Buon compleanno, bella Claudia! Vi sono molti di piĆ¹ splendide giornate e momenti grande nel movies! SLIFR ti ama!



Peter Nellhaus said...

And don't forget Big Deal on Madonna Street, one of the funniest movies ever made, Girl with a Suitcase, and Cartouche.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Thanks, Peter! I may have forgotten them in the post, but I haven't forgotten them where it counts... and I'm exceedingly glad to have friends like you to make sure I don't. Big Deal on Madonna Street! Cartouche! Girl With a Suitcase! Ay-yi-yi! I'll never get to Berlin Alexanderplatz with Claudia Cardinale movies cutting in line on my Netflix queue!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news about Don't Make Waves becoming available I've wanted to see that one for years and Les Petroleuses (The Legend Of Frenchie King) with CC and Bardot is another film I'd like to track down.
Happy Belated Birthday Claudia.