Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The time has come once again to thrill to the prolonged pleasure of the unveiling of the 5th Annual Muriel Awards, which began quietly in 2006, the brainchild of Paul Clark. Paul named the award in memory of his beloved guinea pig, who is no longer with us. The awards themselves carry the mix of irreverence and serious intent that one might naturally expect from a cinephile who would name an award after his favorite pet. And he gets us ready for this year’s festivities by back-tracking on his Silly Hats Only site through a decade’s worth of his own picks, which predate the official Muriel Awards by a good six years.

This year we’re keeping track of the winners on the official blog of the Muriels community of writers and voters, Our Science is Too Tight. You can expect daily updates on this site beginning today all the way up through March 6, when the Muriel Award for Best Picture of 2010 will be announced. Our Science is Too Tight is your source for all things Muriel related, including a complete roster of links to the whole of the voting body, including Yours Truly. In the next couple of days I will be making the entirety of my Muriels ballot available here on this site for your optimum derision and hooting. But until then, there is much more fun to be had and absolutely no reason to hold back any further. First out of the gate is the announcement of the 2010 Muriel winner for Best Supporting Actor. As if to demonstrate without question the independent thinking at the heart of this enterprise, here are the two runners-up.

Third place:

Second place:

If you want to know who is our choice for Best Supporting Actor of the Year (and you know you do), please click here and begin your journey with us back through the year in movies and way beyond, Muriels style. (And just so you know, the Muriels winner in this category won by a wiiiiiiiiide margin, leaving the two supposed Oscar front-runners in the virtual dust. Isn’t this fun? Stay tuned.)


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